How? What? Where?

Yes,everyone read the title correctly! Poplar Bluff, Missouri is getting a marajauna dispencary. Medical marajuana has been legal in missouri since right now! People vote on it and it got voted to be here. It is where the old Payless used to be on West blvd. It's all the talk in town. It's here to help people get medical marjuana, but you have to have a medical card first. It's just such a simple thing to do, you just walk right into that despencary and say,"My back hurts" and bam there you have it.

The Pros, The Cons.

Yes, we do want to hear every side of every story don't we? That's what I thought! I've done a little research in the town of Poplar Bluff and some people say it makes your feet stop hurting, arms stop jiggling, grow more hair on your hands, and it even talks to you. You can look at those as pros or cons, it really just depends. All I can say is I think Poplar Bluff isn't really the town I should be doing this kind of resarch in.

"Never do drugs kids."

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